1. How do I purchase an original oil painting or commission a painting?

The STORE (currently under construction!) page on my website makes it possible to purchase PRINTS electronically. For purchase of original oil paintings, it is necessary to contact me (see CONTACT page). There are many factors, such as payment, shipping, framing, insurance, etc., that are more effectively handled directly. You may also want to actually VIEW the painting first in my studio. To commission a painting, it is necessary to have a consultation as many factors must be considered: price, size, subject matter, framing, delivery, etc. Usually for commissioned work there is a process of viewing thumbnail sketches, discussing and selecting the composition, etc., and making a payment contract.

2. How can I view original artwork?

My studio in center city Philadelphia is open by appointment and I welcome studio visits! Call me directly at 267-679-7853.

3. Why are the prints different prices?

Several of the prints on the STORE page (under construction!) are "offset lithographs." These are mass-produced in large editions of 2000 units, and the cost is spread across the entire edition, so it is possible to sell them at a lower price point. The "giclee" prints are printed ONE AT A TIME using a different printing process. they are a higher quality print, printed on archival watercolor paper with light-fast permanent ink, using the best printing process and materials available today. This printing process allows for the possibility of printing ANY IMAGE (that has been "captured" with a high-resolution scan) on paper or canvas, in a wide variety of sizes.

4. What about framing?

I offer framing at different price points, however this requires contacting me. The variety of mat and molding styles, and the increased shipping costs, etc., are too complicated to address on this site. It is also difficult to ship a piece framed behind glass, and costs are prohibitive. But for local orders within a 10 mile radius of Philadelphia, I can fill orders for framed prints, with a delivery and installation fee (or you can pick them up at my studio). For ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, I provide a simple but handsome shadow-box-sye 1" wide pine frame of my own construction. Most of my clients keep this frame, but of course it can be replaced by professional framing.