NEW PAINTING "Eagles Victory Parade" / by Charles Cushling

I recently completed a commissioned painting "Eagles Victory Parade." Although not a big fan of football, I got caught up in the Super Bowl frenzy and witnessed both the spontaneous celebration of Broad Street the night of the Super Bowl Victory, as well as the official "victory parade" a few days later. I felt happy for Philly and Eagles fans and wanted to do a painting to capture the excitement in the city. As it happened, I was contacted by one of my clients, and I welcomed this commission. My concept was to illustrate prominent Eagles players in the caravan as they passed the Swann Fountain, Logan Circle. I have always loved this fountain and the colossal sculptures by Stirling Calder. There was something very wild and pictorially stimulating about the figures climbing all over these statues, as well as climbing up street lamps, etc. With the view down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (with the row of flags, etc.) toward City Hall, there was plenty of "material" to turn this into an image that also paid homage to the Philadelphia cityscape, not just the Eagles.