Painting Cherry Blossoms In Washington, D.C. / by Charles Cushling

April 1rst, 2016:

I returned a few days ago from 5 straight days of painting by the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.! I completed three canvases, which have been posted to my "RECENT WORK" page. They are all available for purchase and can also be PRINTED to order, on paper or canvas. It was a beautiful scene down there, but very challenging at times because of the great numbers of people! But I generally enjoy "connecting with my peeps!" The people were overwhelmingly good-natured and respectful, and actually did not interrupt me that frequently. This is my third trip there to paint during this unique period in the past four years. For all the difficulty in getting to the site, navigating the "madding crowd," etc., the Tidal Basin always delivers at peak blossom time, with stunning visual effects that change radically throughout the day.